Weekend Edition – Sportscar Breakfast Club: The Porsches


From the photos you’ve seen so far, it’s probably been a no-brainer to deduct Porsches were numerous at the Sportscar Breakfast Club event. This post is dedicated to them, and it is somewhat of a lengthy one.

Despite the Turbo-y, spoilerful appearance, this silver 993 isn’t registered as one. It’s very, very cool still, and the wheels suit it.


You probably paid attention to this 964 cabrio next to the Interceptor. Burgundy outside, mushroom-ish inside.


This 928 had a mean snarl about it. Judging by the plates it’s either an original Finnish-registered car or a very early import.



I flat out refuse to shop the plates of this 928. The joke would be ruined.


944S, 16-Ventiler. Excellent colour and a great shape.


I am very partial to good-condition 924:s, and this is even the S model with “the proper engine”.


From the sea of 911:s, a 912 rises. Such a simple shape.


1991 964 Turbo, 320 horsepower. The lippy wheels brighten the overall package even more.


The arranger’s car, Arttu’s 968. I wonder if the Bad Mother F*cker plates were intentional.



The newer generations mingled with the classic ones, too. I believe this 997 on Fuchs wheels had a vinyl job for the matte effect.

[Images: Antti Kautonen]

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13 responses to “Weekend Edition – Sportscar Breakfast Club: The Porsches”

  1. Syrax Avatar

    Even with the complicated AWD and the end of the line styling the 964 is my favorite generation. That one looks perfect.

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      I'm torn. Risky Business spec is the original and best, but I love the S4 and on for its posterior smoothness.

    2. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

      Hey, cool! You broke the "report this post" link at the end. Wonder how that happened.
      For a stock car I prefer the S4-> taillights, but if I was going to make a 928-caddy-page-amino (which is a totally reasonable hypothetical), it would be an early car with the body on backwards.

      1. Dacket84 Avatar

        I think, because it's illegal to report a post that has a sexy picture of an early 928, that the report button has been disabled.
        Or at least, that's what I'm going to pretend.

  2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I'm torn. Risky Business spec is the original and best, but I enjoy the S4 and later for their posterior smoothness.

    1. Dacket84 Avatar

      I honestly would be happy with any model of the 928. I love the smooth ones as well. Just as long as I had one, I'd be happy.

  3. mark Avatar

    I'd be happy to drive home in either of those 928's, too.
    Sorry to say I don't know what a 968 is. Looks like a 944 chassis with a 928 nose.
    Thanks for all the pics.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Nobody know what a 968 is… often one could hear something along the lines of "heavily modded 944 that didn't sell so well", which is one aspect of it. (I'll put the "that's not a real Porsche" comments in the bin, just look at their products today).
      It's based on a 944, and trimmed towards the looks of the 928, which was then the luxury top model – but old. They sold less 968 in three years than 944s in some six moths.
      On the other hand, it's a technology fest, taking all the good from the 944, and adding a variocam to that crazy 3L four-cyl. engine, tiptronic 6-speed etc.
      It was begun under a different management than it ended, which is always a problem, but especially in a smallish company stuffed with self-confident, probably envy-loaded folks urging for recognition (these family complications: impossible to follow up who married whose daughter etc, and all this intertwined with Volkswagen people…). As a result of that management change, it's role as an entry Porsche was killed by the Boxster, which was announced less than two year in production of the 968.
      A nice round-up of the company background then can be found at ateupwithmotor.com .

      1. Number_Six Avatar

        The 968 is kind of batshit – it makes no sense and it has the same exhaust note a 2.3l Mustang had with a hole in the muffler. In other words, a huge want.

  4. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    That red 911 is perfecto

  5. 928-owner Avatar

    I've onwed a 944 S2 but I put in the 968 engine in to get the variocam. I also did not run std. exhausts but something that gave more metallic noise. And it was brilliantly fast car. Later on I really considered a 968 but then came to my senses..
    …and bought the velvet red 928 that features in the picture and yes; It's loud and yes, it pumps out more hp than stock.
    Feeling you get in a 928 is.. like nothing else. Nothing compares to it and I've driven quite many different cars.

    1. julkinen Avatar

      Hey, thanks for the comment. At the event, the 928's sound turned my head instantly.

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