Weekend Edition – Sportscar Breakfast Club: The Miatas


At the event, Miatas were rife. I can’t blame the drivers, since the simple, rear-drive roadster is close to the very concept of a sportscar. Light, eager to please, balanced. Only the endless reliability and the undeniable ubiquituousness play against them, but it’s very easy to make a Miata, or an MX-5, or an Eunos Roadster look and feel exactly like your own. No two Miatas here were exactly the same.


This burgundy one with a carbon-fiber hardtop proudly wore an Eunos badge. It was a Japanese RHD car, but I don’t know if it had swam here via England.


NB:s were present, too, and a rollbar signified the sporting attitude.


A nice combination, isn’t it? American brawn next to sky blue Japanese delicacy.



This one looked quite like the ideal one. Note the angry bird hanging off a tow hook.


Some turbo power to brighten your day. I think the mentioned power output had the number four in it.




The German Swiss import MX-5 of guest contributor Lauri. The car is very well sorted out.

[Images: Antti Kautonen]

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4 responses to “Weekend Edition – Sportscar Breakfast Club: The Miatas”

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  2. Alcology Avatar

    The camaro and miata: steak and sushi

    1. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

      Surf and turf?

      1. Alcology Avatar

        Yes! Awesome!

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