Weekend Edition: Something For The ZombeeRacer


Now this olelongroooffan is continuing with a series of posts for this Easter Weekend featuring images from the 1st quarter of 2013 that I, for one reason or another, have yet to post up for my fellow Hoons viewing pleasure.

I am fairly certain that every one of we Hoons know who the ZombeeRacer is and the fact he has, heroically, raced his busted up MG around damn near every turn of every 24 Hours of Lemons race he can get to.


The discussion about whether it is more fun to race a fast car slow or a slow car fast has been beat to death around these here interwebs.


Therefore, this olelongrooffan might humbly suggest that the ZombeeRacer take a lesson from a 1930’s era MG and install a supercharger on his race car. Just for fun.


And afterall, the rear end of it can certainly remain unchanged.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan


      1. He did win HCOTY with it. That's gotta count for something in LeMons; well, that and a well-placed bottle of scotch.

  1. A supercharger pulling through what looks to be a 2" S.U. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?? OMG!

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