Weekend Edition – So, it must be a new year because I have a new Career Path…

New Venture

My life seems to be in a constant state of flux, as many of you have witnessed throughout these many years. When I first went into amateur blogging (Waaaay back in 2005) I was working at a Truck Dealer selling the line of Sprinter Vans (shared with many Dodge Commercial dealers at that time) and I went by the screen name of Sprinterman. I used to be a regular on The Car Connection forum site during this time period, when I soon discovered a little website called Jalopnik. So, my career path has been inter-twined with the growth of the blogosphere and nothing has been the same ever since…

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Right after I found Jalopnik, I was spending less and less time over at the Car Connection site, which was undergoing its own form of upheaval. Right at this very moment in 2006 I found that my career path took a sudden and unexpected turn… I was now the North Shore District Manager for a small commercial truck enterprise called UD Trucks North America. In keeping with this exciting path, I decided to adopt the screen name UDMan for any and every aspect of my amateur blogging life, from commenting on sites, to actually creating content. Here is a contribution that I did way back in 2007…

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So I was setting up dealers for UD Trucks, as well as calling on said dealers for the most part of 2007 thru 2009. I was also contributing to the Car Domain Blog Site at this time (including my first SEMA show), and many of the posts I did for them wound up on Jalopnik and other sites. Here is a posting I did for Jalopnik while I was at one of the dealership I visited…


Anyway, many of you know that the financialpocolypse happened during this time period, and by July of 2009, I was once again forced to look for another position because UD Trucks was rapidly shrinking. This was also exactly a the same time I decided to compete in my first 24-Hours-of-Lemons, and I wrote all about that at another site called Automotive Traveller. I also landed back at the Freightliner Dealer where I started so it wasn’t all that bad.

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About one year later, I started at a Mack Dealer that was went into bankruptsy, and was acquired by new owners. About this time I started writing for Hooniverse, and this is my first posting here… There was a lot going on in 2010, including my second 24-Hours-of-Lemons race, the New York International Auto Show, and my first NTEA Work Truck Show.


Fast forward to January of 2013, and yours truly was in the fight of his life (or so it seemed at that time), and working as well as blogging were really not on the priority list, but things soon got back to normal. That was until November of this past year, when a slip of the tongue on my part landed my ass on the unemployment line. In retrospect ————— ————– ————— ——————– ———————— ——————– ——————- ———————— ———— —————— ——————- ———— —————– ———— ——————– —————– ————— —————– ————— ———, and you can see how these things can happen. (If you want to know what I really said, ask me in the comments) It all started with this particular article though…


Well, I have since started with a new company that actually falls into the line of work that I have been seeking for a while now because I can empathize with the clientele to some degree. The company is called Ride-Away, which is part of the Hasco Medical Group, which includes a chain of eighteen dealerships located from Maine to Florida, selling vehicles designed for handicapped individuals and families, and well as installing adaptive equipment to help people with disabilities recover their mobility. It is quite fortuitous to become a member of this team since I have lost some of my functionality on my right side after my stroke.


So, will I do postings about the types of vehicles designed for people who require assistance to get around? Probably, but rest assured, I will continue with the types of postings that you all seem to appreciate around here. And who knows, maybe I’ll get around to getting back to the 24-Hours-of-LeMons at some point in the future.

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