Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Wow! A Stock 1988 Toyota Celica ST… What are the Odds?

Toyota Celica ST162 Sport  eBay - Google Chrome 5312014 73418 PM.bmp Continuing on with our Weekend Edition of Quick Hits, and I spotted this rather interesting base Toyota Celica on eBay. When was the last time you saw a 26 year old Toyota in this condition, let alone one that hasn’t been touched by the curse of Pep Boys… Toyota Celica ST162 Sport  eBay - Google Chrome 5312014 73428 PM.bmp Base cars have always been a secret desire of mine, mostly because I’m really cheap when it comes to large purchases. For example, let’s take appliances for the home. When it comes to laundry pairs, I didn’t go for the GE, or the Maytag names, I did my research, and bought a Roper Branded Pair (Made by Whirlpool). They are utterly dependable, and cost a lot less than the name brands. Same thing with my Range (Kenmore), Refrigerator/Freezer(LG), and Dishwasher(a real no name brand, Galaxy, which was from Sears). Anyway, here is a base Toyota Celica Sport Coupe from 1988 that still has its original wheel trim, manual gearbox, and no nonsense interior still intact. Toyota Celica ST162 Sport  eBay - Google Chrome 5312014 73423 PM.bmp According to the listing:

You are looking at a legendary Japanese coupe with a 2.0L engine that has been well kept and maintained; it’s an all around great looking vehicle. The car is in great condition and there are no reported manufacturer’s defects on this vehicle. Great looking brown exterior and tan interior makes this car look great! Not many of these are left in such a great shape! This is a-never-smoked-in beauty that looks and smells new. Judging from the miles and the condition of the car – most of its miles were driven on the highway. This car is equipped with a manual transmission! Toyota Celica ST162 Sport  eBay - Google Chrome 5312014 73443 PM.bmp The engine sounds, runs and feels smooth and provides abundant power. It’s a very reliable and economical engine – which means you get a lot of power and considerably save on gas (and with the continuously climbing gas prices, this is no small issue). The transmission shifts well. The clutch grabs well. All the electrical options appear to be in working order while the engine compartment clean, and void of any leaks! The tires have plenty of tread wear left and are rotated and balanced. This is a unique hard to find car that is painted with an attractive color that fits this car very well. It’s been garage kept, and is in good condition.

Toyota Celica ST162 Sport  eBay - Google Chrome 5312014 73519 PM.bmp For anyone who has sold a car on eBay using one of the online auto ad page builders, all the wording used above was pick and choose from drop down menus, so a listing like this is put together in a matter of a few minutes without having to actually write anything. Ah, such is life in the used car business, but you can deny the want factor of this car, can you? The Buy-It-Now price of this Brown Celica is $4,950, with 6 days to go until the listing ends. See it here: [sc:ebay itemid=”191180703989″ linktext=”1988 Toyota Celica ST Sport Coupe ” ] Toyota Celica ST162 Sport  eBay - Google Chrome 5312014 73526 PM.bmp

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