Fullscreen capture 7122014 94629 PM.bmp Contining on with the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and take a look what popped up on the Yellow Car Appreciation Society Facebook Page… This is an AMC Maador Coupe from 1975, and it’s for sale in Sacramento California. So, is this sunny yellow coupe calling out your name? Fullscreen capture 7122014 94623 PM.bmp According to the Craigslist Listing:

I have a beautiful condition amc that I am selling , car runs great it has current registration till jan 2015 , clean title in my name . this is a great pre smog gas saver with the straight 6 motor , interior is near perfect , drive anywhere ! please call or text. might consider trade for something cool.

Fullscreen capture 7122014 94638 PM.bmp This is a large car to be saddled with an AMC Straight Six and an Automatic, but this could be the basis for a truly kick-ass Jeep 4.0L Six Upgrade. It is practically the same block, and it was backed up with a Chrysler Sourced Torque-Command (Basically a Torqueflite) Automatic, for a practically bullet-proof powertrain. Fullscreen capture 7122014 94701 PM.bmp Now take a look at that interior, and tell me when the last time you saw upholstery in this pattern. Marvelous… Anyway, the asking price for this Matador Coupe is $5,000, which seem a bit high, but what the hell do i know? Take a look at the listing here, and tell me what you think. Fullscreen capture 7122014 94633 PM.bmp