Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Build a Bitchin' Ford Shoebox Coupe, using an S-10 Blazer!

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Continuing on with our very unusual Weekend Posts, and it seems that great minds think alike. I know what you’re thinking right now… “Well, we knew this day would come, and Jim’s lost his marbles.” Hate to tell you this, but the day I lost my “Marbles” happened many Many MANY years ago, so shut up… Anyway, while cruising the list by Craig I discovered two different Ford Shoebox listings. For those unfamiliar with the term “Shoebox”, it is a term the described the 1949 thru 1951 Ford sedans and coupes. Getting back on topic, it seems that a Chevy S-10 Blazer or Pickup frame will slide right under a Shoebox Body, and you have the makings for a Bitchin’ Ride. Make the jump to find out how…

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This is a 1949 Ford Business Coupe, and according to the listing:

49 ford business coupe. good car for rat rod, will need patch panels. look at the photos. i was going to put it on a s10 frame. the s10 frame fits great. call with questions, make offer…

Asking price for this Shoebox is $800. See the listing here.

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This is a 1950 Ford Business Coupe, and it really isn’t from the same seller:

Business coupe project for a custom or rat rod. Could be a parts car too as its very complete, but it would be a shame. Frame has a few rot spots, so I’d replace it. I have a 1995 2wd blazer with 4.3/700r4 I bought as a donor for this ill throw in for $650. Part/scrap the blazer till you get to the chassis, end up with a near free donor. The ford has a straight 6 flathead with 3 speed Trans, motor turns. 15″ steel wheels are worth $150 alone. Complete car, needs all lower patches, it’s a $1200 coupe. Trades? Maybe, maybe not. I have two mercurys I have to get roadworthy before I get into this, so until I start it, it’s for sale. No title. Local delivery possible within NJ.

Asking price for this Shoebox is $950. See the listing here.

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About that 2WD Blazer, well, here it is:

Cleaning out the yard. I have this 1995 blazer I bought for the chassis and drivetrain, to use under my 50 ford coupe. I’m selling the coupe, so I’m hopefully selling this too. Had a fuel pump issue when I bought it, also note damage to door and fender. It’s not worth fixing, but part it out and you’ll have a great and free platform for your AD Chevy truck or kustom rat rod project. It’s a 4.3/700r4. Please no dumbass SCRAPPERS with your $200 offers. I own 3 car trailers and 2 diesel trucks, I understand how to scrap a car thanks.

This ad states that the asking price is $550, so take any of these prices with a grain of sand. This listing is here.

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OR, you could simply build your own 24 Hours of LeMons Index of Effluency Winner

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13 responses to “Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Build a Bitchin' Ford Shoebox Coupe, using an S-10 Blazer!”

  1. joedunlap Avatar

    Welcome to project car hell. As a boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money, this a hole in the garage floor (or if your like me, a hole in the driveway) into which you pour your blood, sweat , tears and childrens inheritance. Sorry, no thanks. Maybe in the next life…

    1. deicide Avatar

      Project hell car? You must not be good with your hands…or spending…or efficiency…

      1. joedunlap Avatar

        On the contrary. Just been there, done that with an old Volvo 145. Never again.

  2. mac350 Avatar

    I always liked this series of 49-51 Ford sedans and coupes – especially the business coupe and the convertible. Also, the 2 door wagon really looks good but you don't see many of these. I know you see some woodies at car shows but the all-steel model looks best to me. I think these Fords influenced the design of the Volvo 120 Amazon series although some say 50's Chrysler products had more influence. I didn't know the Ford bodies would fit over an S-10 frame – interesting.

    1. seguin Avatar

      American car design was really influential back then (even if those influenced didn't have any understanding of it, e.g. the Austin Atlantic) I wouldn't be surprised if it was both.

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    I would like to see how the finished fit looks like…and would it at all be an improvement?

  4. skitter Avatar

    OR, you could simply build two 24 Hours of LeMons Index of Effluency Winners.
    Fixed that for you.

  5. r henry Avatar
    r henry

    Just because the seller states an S10 frame would be a good fit, I am very skeptical….are the wheelbases even similar?

    1. Jim Brennan Avatar
      Jim Brennan

      Looks like the Wheelbase for a 1949 Ford (all body styles) is 114 inches. The 4-Door Blazer has a 107 inch wheelbase, and the S-10 has three different Wheelbases: 108 for the Short Bed Std Cab, 118 for the long bed std cab, and 123 for the short bed extended cab. Altering either the front or rear fenders should be childs play compared to installing a new frame in the first place…

  6. cruisintime Avatar

    Air up the tires,soak it with oil and park it in the back of the warehouse for twenty years. That is a good buy for a complete survivor.

  7. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wow, I've never seen a Shoebox business coupe. Cool.

  8. sporty88au Avatar

    The business coupe body style is semi-rare and reasonably desirable. For that kind of money, assuming one of them has a usable frame (I'm skeptical based on the descriptions in the ads), I'd be very tempted to buy both, sort the better one to the point where it could be registered and driven safely (keeping as much original patina as possible), then quietly take a couple of years to do a custom rebuild on the other (Art Morrison or similar frame, engine swap – maybe a Buick nailhead or a Cadillac, top-shelf everything else). Imagine how many minds you could mess with by going to a weekend car show on the Saturday in the 'rat' one, then coming back on the Sunday in the 'finished' one.

  9. Busplunge Avatar

    "I wanted to build a 49-51 shoebox ford as an everyday driver for cheap. Something that would drive nice down the freeway, get good gas mileage, lowered, and cost 3,000 or less. The stock Ford suspension really sucks in these. Guys usually spend $2,000 on a new front end, and either salvage the old rear end or replace. These project usually take along time and alot of money. I wanted something roadworthy for cheaper and quicker. I used a 91 chevy S10 4.3 5 speed as the donor, and what saved me lots of money, was using as much of it as possible. Started with a good running truck that didnt need anything, and used just about the whole dang thing. I even grafted in the radiator support, using the stock radiator hoses. I used the chevy steering column, and adapted it it in by using an chevy astro van steering joint, lengthend and welded back together. (astro van steering linkage has nice u joints and cost $12 from pick n pull), used the stock ford gas tank, repositioned slightly to fit, lengthened the chevy frame 5.1 inches, c notched, used full size chevy shortbed driveshaft, adapted body mounts to ford, made complete exaust from manifolds to rear bumper( bought bends and cut accordingly), rewired lights and ignition using universal switches from autozone, has S10 2 inch drop spindles, 3 inch drop springs, 4 inch blocks with 2 leaves removed, 4.3 V6 with Weber 40 IDF HP VW Carb adapted to chevy intake via my own adapter made out of vw swingplate and exaust tubing; it now drives great, has great power, gets 20 mpg in the city, and anything that breaks can be replaced for cheap in stock at autozone cause its all chevy s10 parts. The whole thing cost me $3000 and 3 months of my time after work and on weekends. Its not a show car, and not trying to be. Just a car the average guy can build and drive for cheap." http://youtu.be/_kvMxmBc9uQ foudn this on google search

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