Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A Widebody Toyota Tercel Roller… Man is this one hot mess!

Fullscreen capture 532014 23700 PM.bmp Welcome to another classic Hooniverse Weekend; A place that loves car related projects, and I thoughtI would share this one with you. This is a 1996 Toyota Tercel 2-Door Sedan that has been treated to a home made “Widebody”, complete with BMW Grill Nostrils, 5-Series Headlamps, and a lot of Bondo. Would you want this not quite completed project for yourself? Fullscreen capture 532014 23704 PM.bmp I found this gem over at the Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet Facebook page, and all I have to say is ugh… Now I know that there is an interesting trend when it comes to crap-boxes, where you try and disguise said crap-box as some kind of a BMW… But this really isn’t close. According to the listing:

Selling 96 tercel with bmw widebody kit clean title roller no motor have 4 speed trans fly wheel and clutch most of the body work is done ready for completion call or text any questions thank for reading.

Fullscreen capture 532014 23707 PM.bmp Well, a few comments before I get to the price. First, it looks like a lot of the bondo hasn’t been sanded smooth yet, so that still needs to be done. Since there is no engine, sourcing a 1.3L 4E-FE (good luck with that!), or a 1.5L 5E-FE engine will take some time, but at least it has a bottom of the barrel 4-Speed Manual!!! Last but certainly not least is the fact that the wheels don’t match… With all of these problems, the seller is still asking for $1,500! If you want to contact the seller, here is a link to the Craigslist Ad. Fullscreen capture 532014 23711 PM.bmp What a Hot Mess…

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