Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1975 Stutz Blackhawk VI that once belonged to Arnold Palmer's Wife…

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Welcome to a belated Hooniverse Weekend, and the only reason this is so late is because of the very heavy workload I seem to be under lately. I had to report to the office, and didn’t have any time to do a proper weekend of posting until now, so it will be a weekend of Quick Hits that I find around the web, like this gem. This is a Stuts Blackhawk VI that was once owned by the wife of Arnold Palmer. Does that make it desirable, or quite the opposite?

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This car is listed within the Sacramento area of Californiastan, and would be at home in the Garage of any Oligarch. According to the listing:

1975 Stutz Blackhawk, this car was manufactured in Italy for Arnold Palmer wife Dodie Palmer, this car is fully loaded with sunroof, power steering, power doors locks, power windows, 6 way power seats, auto. trans. crusie control, air condition, am/fm radio and 8 track, 455cu.in. engine, 425hp, 33,590 miles, no accidents, no body damage, leather and 18k gold plate interior.

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This think is so tasteless that I almost want it, but the asking price makes me reconsider that want… It’s $35,000. You know for that coin, the seller could have at least restored the leather interior with conditioner, but I digress. See the listing here, and tell me if you would like to own Dodie Palmers’ Ride…

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