Weekend Edition – One of the last Chevrolets to wear the name Nomad, and it's on eBay!

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Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend Edition, where I find something interesting to write about, and you become more enlightened. Take this posting… Show of hands: How many of you knew that Chevrolet used the Nomad nameplate well after the classic 1955 – 57 time period, when it was attached to some of the more memorable wagons ever. Well, after the Tri-Five Chevy’s were redesigned in 1958, the Nomad nameplate was used to designate the “Top-Tier” trim group of the standard wagons, and this went on until 1961. The Nomad name was resurrected in 1968, and was used as the least expensive version of the Chevrolet Chevelle Wagons, until 1972. The Nomad nameplate appeared once again in the late 70’s as a five passenger van with room in the rear for a lot of cargo (or anything else you could imagine!), like this incredibly rare 1977 Nomad. So, is this Nomad desirable or not?

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According to the eBay listing:

This Nomad was purchased new in Indiana and driven on family vacations for a number of years. A copy of the original Indiana title is included in the documentation. The vehicle has never has never been wrecked and the paint, bright work and body are excellent with straight lines and even gaps on all the gaps. The paint on this van is really outstanding as the pics show. The van was treated to a Ziebart rust proofing system when new and it has done its job, preserving this Nomad to nearly new condition. There is no rust anywhere.

The van’s interior is original and is in very nice condition showing little wear. The vinyl/cloth seats are very nice with no rips or cracks. The original carpet does show some wear as you would expect. There are no cracks in the dash. The steering wheel is cracked and has a leather cover over it. All the instrumentation and warning lights work. The radio is original and still plays like new. The window glass is all in very good condition with only a few minor scratches. All the weather stripping is in excellent. The headliner has been replaced and presents as new.

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This Nomad is equipped with a king sized bed and a raisable table that doubles as a eating area. The pads are all like new. There are no cracks or mars in the original wood paneling. The rear seat is removable and increases the interior room. All the seats have their original seat belts.

The engine bay is clean and presents as factory original. The underside is rust-free with an excellent frame and is also very neat and tidy. As noted, the car was rust-proofed when new and nearly all of it remains in tact, continuing to do it’s job of protecting the vehicle. It has a newer exhaust system , newer brake pads and new shocks. The white walled tires are also nearly new.

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Mechanically this Nomad is also in great condition with working lights, wipers, turn signals, instruments, radio, interior lights, horn, etc. The vehicle starts quickly with no smoke and sounds great. It idles and drives smoothly. The transmission shifts crisply through all gears. There are no vibrations, squeaks or rattles. It has just been serviced and needs nothing.

This Nomad represents a very unusual opportunity to own a fun vehicle to enjoy those vacations with. Take it to a NASCAR race or a weekend fishing trip. It is very rare and in outstanding condition, a vehicle you will be proud to own and hold up to your friends as being truly unique……all for not a lot of money.

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According to the listing, there were only 177 of these vans produced in 1977, and this one sports only 31,000 miles. This is truly a time capsule truck. The top bid so far as of this writing is $4,350 with an unmet reserve. The only thing that would make this van complete is the installation of Vintage A/C, but that will be left to the new owner. This would make a great Hooniverse Staff Car, but what do you think about it? See the ad here: [sc:ebay itemid=”251312525382″ linktext=”1977 Chevrolet G20 Rare Factory Nomad Van” ] and tell me what you think.

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14 responses to “Weekend Edition – One of the last Chevrolets to wear the name Nomad, and it's on eBay!”

  1. humblejanitor Avatar

    Paint "Free Candy" on the side and park it outside of Disney World.

  2. OA5599 Avatar

    It's a clean van that presents well on camera. It looks like someone has been doing a lot of quickie work on it to make it show better. The pictures on ebay show a clean undercarriage on first glance, but upon closer inspection you can see that it has been treated to a generous application of spraypaint to cover any faults.
    The problem I have with it though is that it is just sort of a meh vehicle. If I spent more than $4k on a Malaise van, I would want murals and shag carpeting, and teeny porthole windows in the back instead of a bench seat and the flip-out windows. Or maybe I'd want a tow beast that could pull a house off the foundation. Or one that had been converted into a Class B RV for true family getaways. Or something with two air conditioners. I'm not really sure who would be a good target audience for this one.

  3. racer139 Avatar

    I uswd a beige 77 nomad as a delivery van in the mid ninties. The one I drove had been converted to.propane when nearly new and had seen half a million miles and was quite tired. I would have to drop it in second to maintain 50 km/h up some hills. If it had been kept up and had its oil checked by the companys owner Im sure it would still be plying the western roads today.

  4. failboat Avatar

    i want that. its pretty f-ing clean. plus its old enough to have the smaller bumpers, the older grille with round headlights, recessed license plate in the rear door, better looking taillights and sidemarkers, etc…which really mark the pinnacle of this bodystyle that ran all the way up to 95-96.

  5. mac350 Avatar

    I like it – and upon buying it would put a "If this van's a-rockin' don't come a-knockin'" sign on it. It's a real sleeper.

  6. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    "That may be the nicest one of those I've ever seen. Why would someone do that?", he thought for the hundredth time.

  7. lilpoindexter Avatar

    No…you guys are all wrong…what it really needs is a sticker on the back that says

  8. MVEilenstein Avatar

    Two words – road trip.

  9. salguod Avatar

    Man, that's nifty. We had a '72 Beauville window van when I was a kid and had a similar bed/table conversion in it, built by my dad. We camped in it from Ohio to the west coast. Brings back memories.

  10. joshwebster84 Avatar

    Would be a great gig can for a small band… If it had A/C. But this is Texas, where a car with no A/C is basically a "give away" car.

  11. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    I don't think I've seen a nice design for the console in a front engined van. Beautiful condition. And ten times what I'd consider for a vehicle for the malaise nadir.

  12. Big John Avatar
    Big John

    My parents had one of these around 1979. It was red and white and they bought it used. Powered by a 305 2bbl, it had a carpeted floor and fake wood paneling on the walls. The dealer said it was factory, along with the roof vent. My Dad had a third bucket seat added (no bench seat included in ours) and a window added to the drivers side. He wanted side pipes but couldn't afford them so he took the stock exhaust, removed the stock muffler and added a Cherry Bomb muffler. We kept it for a few years and traveled everywhere in it. I had no idea so few were made.

  13. CalculatedRisk Avatar

    Nice van. My friend/neighbor has a '77 Nomad conversion van (windows in the rear too). The van is brown with green shag, has a 4 bolt 350, TH400 and a 12 bolt rear end. Its a total towing beast. I borrow it to run to the scrap yard or move furniture. People get out of your way on the road, assuming you live in it down by the river.

  14. jjd241 Avatar

    If it went for $5K or less, it was a steal. I've been eyeballing used vans, and the 5 zone can get you some decent '90s and early '00s, but none this clean. If the nostalgia bit works for you, looks like a beauty.

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