Weekend Edition – Frozen Over Saturday


Time for a timely update on the freeze situation over here in Finland. A couple weekends ago we didn’t get as much as a snowflake, then we got a pretty decent amount of snowman material, and to top it off it’s almost -20°C here right now. Or to put it in Fahrenheit: less than zero °F given.

Still, my gloves were warm enough that I could take a walk to the town centre and grab a few shots of something you might enjoy. All of them are condensed in this one cold-ass post.


You know what? I think I’ve seen this 244 before.


Despite the freaking freezing weather, I could see a boxy French car on the move. BX Break without the Van Dome.


This Volvo wagon was shot on a garage forecourt. I don’t know when it’s last moved, but those might be summer tires.


W210 Benzes are becoming more and more beaterish, even if this wasn’t a completely terrible one.


Golf Variant, properly frozen. My secret shame is that I really wouldn’t mind driving around in one of these.


This Citroën might’ve been white in the summer.


It would appear this W124 has hit the North Pole head on.



If you’re going to haul stuff, any stuff, why not do it with one of these?


And we’ll finish on a high note: a facelift model Renault Twingo. The Twingo is now 20 years old as a car, and it really looks more modern than that.

[Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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