Weekend Edition – Ex-Danish Army 1988 Mercedes-Benz GD 240


This weekend I’ve posted a couple of ex-Norwegian Army vehicles. This 1988 Geländerwagen is Danish, for a change. It too is army surplus, as the paintjob can tell a well-trained eye.

It’s pretty worn, but comes with service history as military vehicles often do. Check it out.


The paintjob is partially camo, partially rust fixes. On a vehicle like this, it’s pretty handy; if you need to fix a spot, just pick a colour that is either forest green or black. Won’t matter how you apply it.


As the ad copy says: The vehicle has various scratches, dents and through corrosion. There are various injuries in the cabin. The vehicle appears used.

The part about scratches, dents and corrosion is pretty normal, the bit about injuries is surprising. Someone might’ve shot themselves in the family vegetables in it, judging by the seat.



The odo reading is 94200 km, and judging by the logbook, it’s not on its second round. It also seems the vehicle’s been out of commission for a couple years, which is likely. The ever-reliable 72-horse OM616 diesel engine should be good for a good bit more, if the body doesn’t give up before that.


You can see the km:s piling on during the years. Oil changes and other maintenance has been done, even if it has been possibly done by clueless recruits wielding a hammer.

The current bid for this Geländerwagen is 23 000 DKK, or 3000 USD, over at retrade.dk. Would you tow it home for that price?

See the ad here

[Source: Retrade.dk]

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17 responses to “Weekend Edition – Ex-Danish Army 1988 Mercedes-Benz GD 240”

  1. Spencer Avatar

    As a completely unrelenting and borderline obsessed Dane-ophile
    I want this more than I want my (insert organ here).
    nu, min yndlings post på Hooniverse!

    1. Alff Avatar

      Det er meget godt. Jeg elsker Danmark.

      1. Spencer Avatar

        komme du fra Danmark?!

        1. Alff Avatar

          Nej, jeg er Amerikansk.

          1. Spencedaddy Avatar

            hvor i USA? du er en af den eneskte Americaner at kan tale Dansk jeg have mødet?
            jeg har lige skrivet dig på din website "flowerpower"
            skrive mig tilbage hvis du kan!

          2. Alff Avatar

            Jeg ikke tale Dansk godt.
            I was an exchange student in Copenhagen in the early '90's. I only remember phrases …
            "Jeg have stor pølse." "Nej, du have rød pølse"
            "Vil du dans med mig?"
            "Git mig en øl"
            "Slappe af"
            You get much more in depth than that and I have to hit up Babylon. I live in Kansas City. I will check my wife's e-mail on the website.

  2. jeepjeff Avatar

    2-door, soft-top beat-to-hell G-Wagon? Manual Transmission, cammo/rust paint job and a diesel engine?
    This is the greatest Mercedes-Benz ever.

  3. flatteblack Avatar

    How could anyone not want this? It'd be fantastic change from all the FJ40s, and Patrol Shorties getting around here.

  4. Maymar Avatar

    For the Danish market, that's a hell of a deal, isn't it?
    Plus, I can get my Danish grandma to translate any labels or records I can't read.

    1. Alff Avatar

      It's the VAT that will kill you. 20 years ago it was 67% on used vehicles. Not sure where it is today.

      1. Maymar Avatar

        I know even ten years back it was something to that effect, although I thought I remembered used prices being high too.

    2. Spencedaddy Avatar

      or me or Alff!

  5. Goodwin Avatar

    It is probably the most reliable car ever! A G-Wagon with a OM616 diesel/

  6. dculberson Avatar

    If you could get that to the US for a reasonable price, you could triple your money. Old G-wagens are like unicorn tears here.

  7. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Damn, $3k is crazy cheap…like cheap enough to buy and export and attempt to register here…in fact, it's 25 years old, which helps with that.

    1. Dean Bigglesworth Avatar
      Dean Bigglesworth

      What are you waiting for? Fill a couple of containers while you're at it!
      You can get okay looking early eighties g-wagens for 4-8k€ in Germany so i would suspect it wouldn't be too hard to find half a dozen decent cars.

      1. julkinen Avatar

        This is not the only G-Wagen they're selling. My guess is they're liquidating the whole G-Wagen motor pool.

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