Weekend Edition: Classic Motorshow 2016

One of the best things in the Finnish automobile enthusiast’s calendar is the Classic Motorshow, held yearly in early May and containing wondrous weird cars in several halls of the fair centre in Lahti.
This year, I armed myself with two cameras: the other one was the usual brown Canon EOS 1100D I use for everything, and the other one was a ridiculously cheap eBay find: an early-to mid-’90s EOS 500 which cost three euros and accommodated my 50mm EF lens without issues. I shot sparingly with the film camera, filling two rolls of film with weird, dream-like shots I would only see after getting it developed. For maximum exposure (hah!) I handed the photos to Blake Z. Rong, who published them over at Road & Track. His stuff is good, you should read it.
But since Hooniverse is the kind of place where you can parade 50 shots of weird cars and not feel like you’ve done a disservice to the readers, I’ll publish my digital shots here. There’s going to be a lot.

Can you guess which car has an interior like this?
It’s the fish-like Panhard! They had two of them on display this year.
This year’s show centered on rally cars from the past. This is the last car Walter Röhrl drove in a World Championship event, the 200 quattro from the ’87 Acropolis rally.
This Datsun 260C was sort of a Cedric coupe. Hardtop and very fancy.
From the “Ice Cream Parlor” sort of department: fantastically soft-looking Chevy truck.
This patinated 2CV was the complete opposite.
I love the 480ES, I really do. This example had only 30-odd thousand kilometers on the clock, rust-free rear arches and non-cracked taillights.

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  1. JayP Avatar

    Sweet Jebus.
    Imagine this today… S6 as a rally car?
    E class or 5 series?
    I miss my 5000quattro.

    1. Wayne Moyer Avatar
      Wayne Moyer

      Did the 16 wheeler conversion help with traction in the dirt?

  2. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wow, I’d like to see more pictures. I only knew the Panhard dash because I dig those cars, and I occasionally look for them on eBay, and peruse the ads.

    1. JayP Avatar

      One showed up at Cars Coffee in Plano last year.

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