Weekend Edition – A Spectacular 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal on eBay

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Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend Edition. This is the Spectacular Weekend Edition where I comb through eBay, Craigslist, and Auto Trader for truly Spectacular (at least to me…) machinery. Will you agree with me on the vehicles I highlight? Probably not, but since I’m writing, I have prerogative. So, let’s start out with this Spectacular Alfa Romeo Montreal…

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According to the listing:

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe in excellent condition. Solid original body with no rust or accidents, perfect original body gaps, 102K original miles. Factory floors, beautiful paint and interior (see before and after pictures of the original floors). Original numbers matching engine freshly rebuilt by Laurance Dickman, an Alfa specialist. The complicated and expensive engine work has just been completed, with less than 500 miles on block (I will attach a detailed explanation of the rebuild below). Excellent driver condition Montreal, a worthy addition to any Alfa collection. Thanks for looking!

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There are over 247 detailed and downloadable pictures included with the ad, so if you were ever curious about the Alfa Montreal, and what makes it tick, this is your time to see this model in all of it’s breathtaking beauty. I even like the color. The current bid has reached $33,200 as of this writing, with no reserve! See the eBay listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”330964748098″ linktext=”1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal V8″ ]

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12 responses to “Weekend Edition – A Spectacular 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal on eBay”

  1. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    excellent choice Jim! I love the headlight louvers (as well as the rest of the car). Although it's too pricey for me (anything over free is too much, right now), it appears to be in line with hagerty's condition 3 vehicle.

  2. sc296 Avatar

    that is a gorgeous car.

  3. PotbellyJoe ★★★★☆ Avatar
    PotbellyJoe ★★★★☆

    I always find the sale price of an Alfa is just the sunk cost for all of the future New-Old Stock you get to buy afterwards.
    Love me the Montreal though and if I had the cash, I would vastly prefer this over a new Camaro…

    1. sc296 Avatar


  4. eggsalad Avatar

    Is it just me, or did DeLorean use the same wheels?

    1. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

      Very close. DMC wheels have no lip, and the center section is flat.

  5. topdeadcentre Avatar

    Love the Cookie Monster blue carpeting…

  6. windbuechse Avatar

    Gorgeous, the body is beautiful from any angle. Other than the back seat, the interior is stellar. That engine looks like a nightmare for the rebuild and future maintenance. How reliable was the fuel injection on these? The pump alone is probably worth the cost of the rest of the engine!

  7. jeepjeff Avatar

    I had no idea these existed. It's an Alfa Romeo Pony Car. This is definitely the way to start of the Spectacular Car Weekend.

  8. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Glorious. My favorite feature is the vents in the B- pillar, which I believe we're later emulated by tape graphics on certain mid-70s Plymouths.

    1. craigsu Avatar

      And, while the B-pillar vents were functional, alas, the NACA duct on the hood was not.

  9. PushrodRWD Avatar

    There was one at Keels and Wheels the last time I went. What a beautiful car. I love the instrument cluster and all the big rocker switches.

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