Weekend Edition – A 1991 Audi 200 20 Valve Turbo Quattro Avant, and it's for sale!

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Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I cribbed this one off the Wagons HO! Facebook Page (Yes, again). This is a very special wagon, one of about only 150 imported into the states. The current owner decided to forgo the car based sites to advertise this rare wagon (Craigslist, eBay, AutoTrader) and instead decided to feature it on his own Company Website. So, does this Wagon push all the right buttons for you?

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According to the very detailed listing:

I’m a 200 20v enthusiast and have been over the car thoroughly, I did some maintenance and fixed some things (details below) but I have other project priorities now.

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First, about the miles: This is probably the lowest mile example currently available for sale, and possibly the lowest mile one remaining. (i’ll correct this statement if someone advises me otherwise) This car was owned by one New York family from 1991 to 2012. They had a number of cars and only used this car for “when they needed a wagon” (actual quote from seller) New York state has required yearly emissions testing since this car was new, and the carfax shows a steady very low annual mileage trial since new.

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This car has very original configuration with the exception of Euro headlights that I added this year. Original radio, wheels, no engine mods…very un-molested car. The car had sat from about 2010 to 2012 when i had bought it. It ran and I drove it home over 100 miles but it had some issues, mostly from maintenance neglect. The car was untouched, sporting its original oxygen sensor, timing belt, r12 air conditioning, etc.

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EVERYTHING works: heat, climate control flaps, air conditioning, electric mirrors, instruments, fault check system, diff lock, check engine light functions properly (NO codes) after run system works (look it up) cooling fans, pulls 1.8 bar of boost like its supposed to, windows, sunroof, etc. I have a VAG-COM and I know how to use it, and I’m a little OCD about everything functioning as it should.

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I would love to say its perfect, but its not:
It needs a paint job. it has 100% original paint that is 100% crazed and cracked. No a buffer won’t do it. Its got door dings, a few small dents, and a pretty good scrape along the rear passenger door and quarter. Just bumps and bruises, car was never in a accident over 3 MPH. There is NO ROT RUST, meaning no rotten cancerous sheet metal. There is some surface rust on some undercarriage suspension components and brackets as you would expect from a Northeaster. The perfect original headliner is just starting to let go and fall down. This has just occurred in the last two months.

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This car has great potential for a few uses. It could be left as is and be driven for probably 10 years without requiring major intervention. With the low miles and recent maintenance this car is ready for another 200K miles.
The low miles and current condition also make it a great candidate for a disassemble and strip to metal repaint.

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The car has a little over 58,000 miles on the odometer. As far as asking price, there isn’t anything within the listing as to how much the owner wants, which is very odd. So, if you want to contact the seller, I would suggest clicking on the listing here. If you manage to purchase the vehicle, we would love to feature it right here on Hooniverse.

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11 responses to “Weekend Edition – A 1991 Audi 200 20 Valve Turbo Quattro Avant, and it's for sale!”

  1. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Wow. This is the unicorn. I almost bought a 200 turbo Quattro wagon about a decade back. But it had an automatic, sported mousy velour seats, and I don't think it was 20V. That wagon was pretty nice. This one is a whole lot better. I might change the wheels to something a bit more moderns, and otherwise leave it alone. It deserves to be driven regularly. That 5000 lineage were some magnificent touring cars.

    1. JayP2112 Avatar

      That version of quattro didn't get an automatic.
      You may have been in a V8 which was the same C3 platform which did offer quattro as an automatic. Some manuals came to the states but that is a a rare birdy.
      But you said it was a wagon… so I have no idea what you drove.

      1. Van_Sarockin Avatar

        A long time ago now. But I do remember it feeling surprisingly large and ponderous, and also a bit overpriced for my budget, so I didn't delve more deeply. Definitely a wagon. Pretty sure of that. Don't think it was a V-8…

  2. lilpoindexter Avatar

    This car still looks great. I will forever know it as the AUDI 5000.

  3. JHoward Avatar

    My favorite wagon of all time! Timeless design. Most of these must have ended up in Colorado showrooms, as there is usually one for sale every few months on local Craigslist classifieds. More common are the 20v Quattro sedans, although they are fairly rare as well. The engines seem to run forever, although Audis of this era are known for their share of electrical gremlins, and if not well-maintained, buying one can be a real risky proposition. I actually test drove TWO of these 91 Avants for sale on the same day in Denver (w/ plans to check out another, although it sold before I had the chance) a couple years back. Awesome car, especially when chipped ( http://www.intendedacceleration.com/html/pricing…. ). Unfortunately, one had too much rust, and the other although in better condition (but still with issues) was beyond my budget at the time.

  4. Tomsk Avatar

    That thing is SWEET. Shame about the dents on the right side, but I suspect you might be able to remove the right rear door panel and straighten out the skin from behind without disturbing the paint.

  5. JayP2112 Avatar

    In the day, I read a 2 page Audi advert with the flared fender 200 20v. I called Nigel and we headed to the local Audi dealer… where they had a big red sedan in the showroom. That's how we did it in 1991.
    I had a 5000q and loved it. I still want to find a turbo q and go haywire with some boost. They were great driver's cars.
    Edit: I sent a note about the price- the seller knows what he has and really likes the car. Didn't give me a price but asking for offers. I suspect it'll be a pretty high number with all things considered.

  6. facelvega Avatar

    I had a 5000 wagon once, and almost got a 20V turbo sedan as well. Wonderful driving cars, beautiful styling only outdone by the delightful interior, huge cargo space and comfortable in avant form, and complete nightmares to maintain, enough that I would never touch one again. By now for this one the whole wiring harness will have the consistency of very dry twigs inside insulative housing that won't show where the intermittent, life-threatening breaks are, and the seals on the steering rack will be dripping a liter of outrageously expensive VW mineral oil (no simple power steering fluid here!) every few days. Don't bother replacing the rack with one from a salvage yard, as that one will leak just as bad, and during the swap you will have invisibly snapped the wiring harness in at least three places, hard to identify even with a meter as they still work 95% of the time– though inevitably the other five percent will leave you in the middle of a major intersection with a car that thinks a nuclear EMP just went off uptown and now it's game over. Not that I'm speaking from my own experience!

  7. Peter K Avatar
    Peter K

    This was my father's car. I remember picking it up from the dealer in Queens with my mother on a rainy evening, possibly the day before Thanksgiving 1990. My father had to work late so I got to be the first to drive it, making my brothers jealous. It was my first time driving a Quattro, the acceleration was awesome and despite the heavy rain the car felt like it was on rails.
    My father babied that car, for most of a decade it solely occupied my parents' garage and was basically only driven by him or by one of us with him in the passenger seat, watching the gauges. He commuted by train so it was only used occasionally, on weekends or to go upstate a few times a year. Sometimes it sat in the garage so long that the battery ran down, so he put a trickle charger on it. As pointed out in the comments above, the primary problems I remember were electrical, and sometimes intermittent in nature. I don't recall any oil dripping from the steering rack. Other than the minor dings and aging paint, after about ten years the chrome started peeling off the roof rack but it appears to have been nicely redone in matte black.
    Here's a pic of him doing something with it in the country, taken in the mid or late 90s. He passed away ten years ago and as the car wasn't being used enough eventually my mother decided to let it go. Seeing these photos brings back some good memories. It is a very special car that will always remind me of him. I hope it gets fully restored and well maintained for a long time to come.
    <img src="http://www.flickr.com/photos/pskirby/9926898256/in/set-72157635865668134&quot; width="600">

  8. Peter K Avatar
    Peter K

    Trying again to post the image…
    <img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3831/9926898256_d915970acf_o.jpg&quot; width="600">

  9. PAul Avatar

    This needs to be my car,
    My 200 TQ 20V now has 188,000 hard driven miles.
    Absolutely the best car I've ever owned, driven, worked on, hands down.
    At 150 mph, it's perfect, hands off the wheel, brakes in a straight line, on snow or ice it's unbeatable.
    She's saved me many times, through "offensive driving techniques" as my father taught me, don't close your eye's and hit the brakes, hit the gas and drive out of the situation! Don't be a wussy to say it nicely. There is no better car than a 5 sp quattro!
    Not as hard to work on as some say, have some patience!
    I need a wagon for work, a place to carry goods safely.
    To me, this car is tantamount to Rosemeyers "Manuella", his Horch convertible that was so well loved and driven.
    Now, to find the money…

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