One bloke goes by the name Jonny Smith. The other is called Richard Porter. They both know quite a lot about cars.

If you’re not familiar, Porter was a long-serving writer for Top Gear. He’s also penned a few books, and maintains some hilarious posts on his website Jonny Smith is an automotive journalist and TV presented in the UK. He’s hosted Fifth Gear and a number of other programs. Together, the pair are known as Smith and Sniff and on this adventure, the two are ambling about at an auction filled with heaps of former-glory machines.

This is the exact sort of auction most of you would love to stroll through with a buddy. That’s why I think you’ll enjoy the above video. It’s long, at 44 minutes, but it flows easily since it’s like you’re a part of the group walking through the cars and trucks in various states of disrepair.

One vehicle I am more curious about myself is shown near the beginning of the video. It’s a Range Rover Classic with a bunch of stickers on it. The ones on the door read VANS, as in the southern California skate-shoe company. The script on the back says WINCH WAGON. There’s also a SPY sticker and a handful more, and I really want to know about which sort of event this thing served in support duty capacity.

Which vehicle catches your attention? Click play then let us know below.