Watch The Grand Tour Series 3 trailer

The Grand Tour returns to your Amazon Prime-provided screens on January 18th. Clarkson, Hammond, and May are back at and it looks to be more of the same. That is to say, it looks like entertaining adventures in a wide range of vehicles across many countries. Right off the bat we’re treated to Hammond and his continual efforts to see his life cut short. From there, the scenes supplied are of massive sweeping vistas and awaiting tales of adventure.

There’s also plenty of hijinks, shenanigans, and tomfoolery. Also burnouts, drifts, and Hammond “going over The Edge” in a Dodge Demon. Fans of wrist wear will be pleased to note that Clarkson’s bracelet count appears to have increased compared to prior seasons.

The Grand Tour – Season 2

This is beautifully shot. It’s filled with glorious machinery of varying degree. The humor should be there as well. We’ll be watching in January, and you should be as well.

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