Watch TCR racer Yann Ehrlacher get bumped into 360-spin mid race and not lose a spot

Macau is a tight circuit. A dangerous circuit.  So when a driver is knocked around a bit and doesn’t wind up totally crunching the sheetmetal then we’re all in for a good time. Driver Yann Ehrlacher demonstrates this perfectly with onboard video showing his wild ride in the WTCR season-ending contest.
Ehrlacher was bumped from behind. That nudge sent his Honda Civic Type R into a full 360-degree spin. Yann caught the spin, somehow avoided severely wrapping his Honda into cars or the wall, recovered, and then passed a few cars in order to retain his spot.
Yann finished the season in the 10th spot overall. He finished number one on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Race Car Driver Edition.

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