Larry Kosilla cleans a 1990 Mazda Miata

Watch Larry Kosilla turn a great 1990 Mazda Miata into a perfect one

The OG Mazda Miata is a legend. It’s an icon. And it’s a damn fun thing to drive. When the car arrived on the floor of the Chicago Auto show in 1990, it opened up many eyes, and the rest is history. Our friend Larry Kosilla of AMMO brand car cleaning products got up close and personal with a fantastic example.

The car in the video belongs to the estate of a person who put just 1,500 miles on this car. It was garage kept and well cared for during that time too. So Larry doesn’t have as crazy a job ahead of him as he normally shows on his channel. Still, he makes a great point that taking a car in 20% good condition up to 65-70% involves lots of labor but not a lot of technical detailing decisions. Taking a car that’s in 85-90% shape on up closer to 100%, however, is a far more involved task. You don’t want to push too hard in areas. Instead, clean and detail as necessary without burning original paint, working convertible tops too aggressively, or pushing past what’s needed to get the car to its perfect place.

And, as always with an AMMO NYC video, the end results speak for themselves. This car would’ve looked great after a basic bucket wash. But it looks stunning after Larry is finished with it.

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