Watch Hagerty rebuild a Dodge Demon Hemi V8

This is a 6.2-liter Hemi V8. When fed the proper fuel, it will produce 840 horsepower. Dodge sticks these in the nose of its appropriately named Demon. That would be the limited-edition Dodge Challenger Demon, which is a production vehicle that also happens to be NHRA certified to make your face contort into dumb positions.

Hagerty got ahold of one of these engines for its Redline Rebuild series. Along the way, they learned some interesting things about this mighty mill.

Take, for example, the fact that the majority of the gaskets used are not cork or paper. Instead, most are thin bits of steel with a run of silicone. This means that you don’t have to hand apply any sealant and reduces the chance for human error. The oil pan is the only exception, as that gasket requires four small dabs of Permatex to close it up.

Also interesting is the fact that the supercharger this Hemi wears as a power hat, is 2.7-liters. Compare that displacement to the average car on the road, and the supercharger is likely more voluminous. This is a wild engine that powers a wicked car capable of insane feats of straight-line strength.

Dodge built 3,300 units for North America. That is actually more than we’d expect of such a powerful, focused machine. But there are clearly enough hand raisers that want to be king of the street… the straight portions of it, anyway.

Check out the rebuild process of the engine above, and read about this episode of Redline Rebuild at Hagerty.

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