Watch All Cars Go To Heaven

all cars go to heaven Our friends at The Smoking Tire have taken on a large task. The team flew to Oregon to take on the 600-mile Washington Backcountry Discovery Route. Seems fairly challenging based on the title of the trail, but it’s made more challenging when you find out that they buy a few beaters to make the trip with them. No, not the brand new Jeep in the lead photo but a busted up Cherokee they bought on location. This is more than a video about cars. This is an adventure film featuring a familiar cast of characters in both human and automotive form. It’s longer format, and it took way more time and effort than the standard stuff you see on the interwebs. That’s why it costs money. You can either rent it for $4.99 or buy it for $7.99. That money isn’t simply going into the pockets of the TST Boys (who should consider applying that name and reforming as a mid 90’s R&B/Hip Hop group), rather it will serve to make more of these mega movies. So head over to Vimeo. Rent or buy the film, and prepare to be entertained.

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