Wagon Wednesday: The Saab 900 Kombi

It never existed. Well, two prototypes were created by a Swedish company Nilsson Special Vehicles AB. They modified two Saab 900s and converted them into longroof models. Only one of them seems to exist today. But just look at what could have been.

I came upon this picture by coincidence. Doing more research on it I was taken to Saabplanet.com. They have a nice story on this and other 900 wagons. Check it out.

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9 responses to “Wagon Wednesday: The Saab 900 Kombi”

  1. nanoop Avatar

    I saw the teaser photo on the main page and thought “wow, those must be RARE” – I’ve been around in Scandinavia (that’s Greater Sweden in this context) for a while now and have never seen one… after reading the article I understand why!

    1. Sjalaab Avatar

      The other, blue wagon, is in the museum in Torslanda, according to the article linked to above. All of the different SAAB wagons mentioned there certainly have their charme. If they had had the production facilities to see this through, I’m sure that SAAB wagons would have been a success.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    But is it a Kombi or a Kammback?

    Whatever it is, someone probably looked at it and said, “Sure, because the SAAB 900 is really lacking in cargo capacity. Uh-huh. No.”

    I look at it and see a very abrupt angle on a SAAB, something that is a no-no for the aeronautical look they usually had, and the word “Safari” really clashes with a brand so Nordic they made heated seats standard equipment.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Abrupt angles in themselves are not necessarily bad as they create clean airflow separation and smaller wake/less drag. I’m sure there would have been people buy a Saab wagon over a Volvo let alone other makes.

      A more fundamental question for Wagon Wednesday is how many sedans have not had a wagon version created at some point? From one-offs on Rolls Royces or Cadillacs through limited production coachbuilt versions sold through dealerships it seems like someone has had a go at everything.

      1. Neight428 Avatar

        Someone even made a shooting brake C7 Corvette, it looked pretty solid. It’s all CUV’s these days, but the Cadillac CTS wagon was the last cool one here that came out of the factory. Doing the same to their new sedans (CT5?) would be sharp.

      2. Batshitbox Avatar

        The Kia K9/K900? Nice big RWD V8 sedan to pervert decadently.
        Of course, since they’re 4-door sedans, you’d be silly not to put the rear suicide doors from the Kia GT concept on there.

        Chrysler Neon. Can’t find any pics of a Neon made into a wagon. Not sure if I want to see that.

    2. crank_case Avatar

      If you think that’s odd looking, wait til you get a load of a Saab 95.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saab_95

  3. Dead_Elvis, Inc. Avatar
    Dead_Elvis, Inc.

    Plenty of stuff here, too:


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