Wagon Wednesday: 1990 Ford Country Squire

1990 Ford Country Squire front left

Have you ever of heard of SpeedyCop? Yes, of course you have, one of his creations tied for the 2013 Hooniversal Car of the Year, the most prestigious award in the automotive industry. If you’re still clueless as to who/what SpeedyCop is, then there is no hope for you.

Sometime ago Mr. SpeedyCop decided to build a National Lampoon’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster as a 24 Hours of Lemons racer. This is why he obtained the pictured wagon. But even a ruthless cop has moments of weakness, and when it came to butchering this youngtimer and sending to racing hell where it would spend the rest of its life swapping paint and genuine-ish wood-ish paneling with other crapcans, the good cop said “No!”  

1990 Ford Country Squire right rear

From the ad:

1990 Ford Country Squire 8 passenger Wagon RARE/CLEAN! Great driver! – $1500 (Brandywine, MD)

Selling a 1990 Country Squire Wagon in beautiful shape. 5.0 V8, automatic, fully loaded. Interior looks new—even the headliner is perfect! Tires are full tread, brakes feel great. I was going to do a National Lampoon’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster with it and race it, but this wagon is just too pristine to risk tearing up on the track. Has the dual action tailgate, swing it open or fold it down. Perfect for tailgating, hauling the kids friends, and Home Depot/Lowes runs. Eligible for Historic tags, so no inspection needed.

It has the usual clearcoat peel on the top surfaces, but the body is super straight, and it runs and drives great! I had a body shop quote $600 to paint the top surfaces, if you want it to be perfect. Had a heater core leak, so we bypassed it. AC is low on freon.

Price is $1500 FIRM FIRM FIRM

DO NOT waste my time if you are not holding $1500 cash. It’s practically a giveaway at that price. These wagons are incredibly rare, and this one could be a show car with a bit of paintwork and detailing. I don’t care if you have $1200 cash. The price is already really low at $1500. I wouldn’t mind keeping it anyway…

 1990 Ford Country Squire interior

So it is not perfect, what with the HVAC issues n’ all, but it’s not bad for twenty-five year old wagon, and certainly easily repairable. Cancer is always a problem with older cars, and  clear sign to stay, but this wagon does not seem to have any. Faded paint is typical stuff.

I have no idea how to price a car like this but $1500 certainly sounds very reasonable, and very tempting.

Question: My wife hated my BMW E39 Touring, which means she’ll love this, right? Right?

[Source: Washington D.C. Craigslist]


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