Vorsprung durch Sauberkeit – 1990 Audi 100

Did you find yesterday’s slammed VW a bit too unholy and modified? To balance it out, here’s an Audi 100 that lives just close by. It’s pretty much flawless and looks like it’s rolled off the assembly line two years ago, not twenty-two.

The C3 Audi 100 has always been a high-riding car, and they simply cannot be lowered. The design is so minimalistic, you can’t actually do anything to it to try to improve it; the modifications will always stand out and look iffy. Best to keep the Audi stock and let it shine.

Actually, in a perfect world you could still buy one of these new. I’ve wished for a long time for manufacturers to be able to churn out classic models for ages, kind of like Adidas Originals. “Find the A6 too brash and modern? How about a 100 in alpine white?” I’m not referring to the Chinese Hongqi derivatives of stretched Audis, but something that is classic Audi, down to the last nut and bolt. If fitted with a correct kind of Blaupunkt stereo, I’d be in heaven.

The white paint on the Audi looks half a centimetre thick.

Compared to the 156 stalking behind it, I have great faith in this Audi to keep its flanks unadorned by rust. I just checked out a ’98 156 V6 last weekend, and it needed more bodywork than my 1990 Sapporo ever did.

Like with the white, somewhat more worn 100 Avant I saw some time ago, this 100 has the 5-cylinder 2.0-litre engine with 115 horses.

Look at those slab sides, thick black plastic and 14″ steel wheels with correct aero wheeltrims. Perfection, and topped off by proper orange indicators. I’m slightly partial to replacing the wheels with Ronal alloy wheels, but the wheeltrims are just as fine.

What’s the secret to the Audi’s condition? Well, it’s a German import with the dealership sticker still on the rear window. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were an old man’s last new car, driven very little in 20 years or so and then brought over here. With light grey cloth, the cabin looks airy and with the sunroof it’s probably a breeze to cruise around the countryside. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past me to sneak a “WILL BUY YER CAR OK” note under the windshield wipers.

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