Video: The C7 Corvette is a glorious 'Murican Burnout Machine

smoking tire corvette

The North American press recently got their hands on the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. It’s the C7 iteration and it’s a wonderful departure from the previous C6 car. This newest version seems to be a serious leap forward in terms of both styling and engineering. We wish we could’ve attended the press event held ahead of Pebble Beach but our invitation was apparently lost in the mail.

Regardless, friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah was able to attend and he made the most of his time with the car. By that we mean he put together a wonderful compilation video of a variety of burnouts clips.

There’s a reason he’s the head dude in charge of The Smoking Tire crew… click past the jump for glorious proof.


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6 responses to “Video: The C7 Corvette is a glorious 'Murican Burnout Machine”

  1. njhoon Avatar

    Looks like fun. I still think the new Vette is UGLY.

    1. GuyMan Avatar

      I grew up in a Corvette family. We were dyed in the wool 'Vette people. Slowly, the new Vettes have lost our interest. The newest Vette has finally garnered our complete lack of interest.

  2. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

    I saw a photo of the ground from this the other day. You couldn't see where the rubber began or ended. From the looks of this it was a proper welcoming to the C7.

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    I'm interested the second they make it a shooting brake.

  4. CalculatedRisk Avatar

    The C7 looks great, 'cept the rear end! I need four round taillights instead of that Camaro looking crap out back. At least there are still four sexy, round exhaust dumps.

  5. PushrodRWD Avatar

    One of the best looking cars out there (then again most cars today look like variations of an 80s Taurus to me). If it had a european badge and cost twice as much it would talked about as "having character" Although the taillights would probably be done better if it had an Itallian or Brittish badge. They would look better as a single unit, with the same shape a diffused LED outline where the individual lights cant be seen. The fact that it will work every time you turn the key, as long as you don't put sand in the cylinder heads, lets you know it isn't european or an eco-boost Ford.
    Same, the sculpted jelly bean….
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