Video Review: Shelby Focus STA limited-edition hotter hatch


When you hear Shelby you either think “Cobra” or “Mustang”. That’s a fact of life for pretty much everyone, unless you actual name is Shelby. Well outlier-Shelby, I have news for you. It’s not just about you, and it’s also not just about those aforementioned machines either. Shelby American has been hard at work churning out a variety of machines for a few years now.

Yes, most of them have been based on that fairly well-known pony car with GT badging. There was a time, however, when Shelby also set out to tune a slew of other items, such as Dodge sedans and hatchbacks. Google “Shelby GLHS” if you’re a young person… we’ll wait.

Now Shelby has come back to the hot hatch market. It’s coming back fighting too, because the base car starts out life as a Ford Focus ST. Add more power, better brakes and suspension, and what do you get?

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As I said above, it’s not cheap but it certainly competes right in the wheelhouse of other sporting machines costing the same amount or more. Additionally, it’s an actual limited-edition machine whereas the others are not (in the case of the Golf R, VW actually wound up building as many vehicles as demand required).


The Shelby Focus ST is not a faultless car. Really though, no car exists on this planet that is without fault. Yes it has torque steer, and yes it’s expensive. It’s also pretty wonderful at the same time, and you’ll be hard pressed to run into another one out on your local street. This is a manic hot hatch that can waltz through corners with an easily controlled hint of oversteer, and it produces a sonorous barking tone at the same time.

If you’re a boy racer with cash to burn, it’s come time to pony up that dough for the evolution of the Shelby hot hatch.

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