Video Review: 2013 Audi RS5Potent Performer with a Premium Price Tag

audi rs5 lead

I may not be a fan of the alphabet soup-era of automotive naming conventions. Still, at least one automaker makes the process of model comprehension a bit easier through the use of just letters and numbers. Audi keeps the formula simple, and I can respect that if I don’t full enjoy it. It’s in that regard that I know exactly what I’m getting when I am given the keys to a four-ring-wearing vehicle.

An “A” is any range of quality vehicles in the lineup, and the level of luxury and driving enjoyment depend greatly on which number follows that scarlet letter. Change the “A” for an “S” and you’re beginning to speak my language. Performance takes a bit of a priority over luxury, and the number starts to mean a bit less than the letter it’s paired with. On rare occasions, however, the “S” will be joined by an “R” and the stars align, the sea parts, the roads empty.

I had such a car in my possession, and its badge read RS5. It’s the 2013 Audi RS5, and I woke up before dawn to make sure the roads were in fact empty.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”405″][/youtube]

[Disclaimer: Audi flipped my the keys to the 2013 Audi RS5 and included a full tank of gas. I had scheduled a full week with the car, but I could only spend a weekend because I had to fly to West Virginia to shoot an episode of American Detours. Yes, I still cry into my pillow at night thinking about our lost time together. I look like Jack from LOST… I HAVE TO GO BACK]

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14 responses to “Video Review: 2013 Audi RS5Potent Performer with a Premium Price Tag”

  1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    The A5 is the only car in the current Audi range with genuinely perfect proportions; even the R8 is kinda funny looking from some angles.
    Wearing the full RS regalia it looks magnificent.
    I haz envy of you this week, Jeff.
    EDIT: That grille will be decimated where front-mounted license plates are mandatory….

  2. dculberson Avatar

    I checked out the IMDB page on American Detours. Much to my surprise, writer and EP is none other than Al Navarro, mister hair shirt and sevens through the Gap himself! Congrats on your new IMDB page and first TV credit, may there be many more (if you wish it).
    Is this the first mention of American Detours here or am I just late to the party?

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      It might be the first mention here, but I have mentioned it on the podcast. Don't worry though, there is a more official mention I'll write up very soon. Am I on the IMDB page?

      1. dculberson Avatar

        Cool! Sadly, no you aren't on the IMDB page. I don't know the mechanics behind who creates all those pages but think it's mostly agents and other pros at this point. It used to be user created (ala Wikipedia) but nowadays it's enough of a tool that they have industry folk doing it.
        I think you have to have an IMDB entry for your name before you can then be listed on the project's page. But again, it's been a long while since I've edited or entered anything on IMDB.

  3. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Stream of consciousness review review:
    I love watching the evolution of Jeff's haircuts.
    Love that you can actually see the motor.
    Yay for other car comparisons. …no M3 mention?
    Last shot: grille looks weird

  4. pj134 Avatar

    While I like it, I can't help but see this:
    <img src="; width=500>

    1. BobWellington Avatar

      Apart from the grille being a honeycomb variety (the best grille variety there is if you were to ask me), I'm not seeing it (and thank the heavens for that).

  5. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    I messed up not mentioning the M3, CTS-V Coupe, or C63… but the RS5 is more expensive anyway at 75k

  6. Guest Avatar

    Is there a single Audi that doesn't look fantastic with blue paint? I've never seen one.

  7. JayP2112 Avatar

    I just jogged past an A5 on my way home and I was reminded how much this car echos the old Quattro. The rear quarter window and fender bulges are just a modern version of that wedge.
    The only way this could be better- turbo 5 and picnic table wings.

  8. kvnkiley Avatar

    I dont think there is another automaker out there competing with Audi in the styling department. I find their cars almost always look best in class vs. say, BMW or Mercedes.

  9. Dean Bigglesworth Avatar
    Dean Bigglesworth

    I've had an hour or so of seat-time in the 2012 RS5 and the engine is indeed awesome, but otherwise i just found it a bit numb and dull. Like a really good looking two-door A4 with a really, really nice engine. Except for the flatulent BRAAP! noise at every shift, i hated that.

  10. LSB Scott V Avatar

    The Titanium Package comes with the blacked out grille and front end goodies as well as body color mirrors. Also, that gives your sport exhaust, titanium 5 spoke wheels, and black exhaust finishers.
    PS…can you tell I worked for Audi?

  11. Sjalabais Avatar

    I have to admit I haven't actually seen the video review, because I don't care much for neither Audi nor two-doors. But what hit me when I saw the photo above: How long will it take Audi to end up with this?:
    <img src="; width="600">

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