Video: Real Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer?

In 1986, the skunkworks division of Mercedes-Benz unleashed an unholy beast upon the world. It arrived in four-door form by way of the W124 E-Class sedan, and it had its guts reworked by way of the mad minds at AMG. Called the AMG Hammer, the AMG engineers started with a 300E, and promptly bolted in a 5.6-liter M117 V8 engine. That mill was good for 355 horsepower. Still, it wouldn’t be an AMG machine if you couldn’t push it further.

For those willing to pony up more dough, AMG bored the 5.6-liter engine out to a full 6.0 liters. This uprated mill was blueprinted and paired with a four-speed automatic gearbox, Torsen rear diff, and an upgraded rear subframe. The 6.0-liter cars are the true Hammers, and were capable of hitting speeds in excess of 190 miles per hour.

As you could imagine, these are not easy cars to find today. If you ask AMG, it will tell you that there may have been 30 cars built, including one wagon for a customer in Chicago (yes, my both my brain and heart just exploded too with that last bit). One of the Hammer cars might belong to a particular YouTube user who goes by the handle stevepitbull. He spends over two minutes explaining how his Hammer is the real deal, and he opens the hood to show off the mighty mill. He also says the car would be better off with an aluminum small block from GM… (just kill me).

Check out Mr. Pitbull and his AMG Hammer after the break.

[Source: YouTube, Inside Line | Thanks for the tip, Bruno!]

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