Video: Hovercraft racing is as awesome as you'd imagine it to be

Unless you’re parents were loaded, you definitely did not own a hovercraft growing up. Regardless of your income level, you no doubt imagined how much better off as a person you would be if you owned such a vehicle. I’ve never driven one, but I imagine it’s either a wild thrill ride or very loud and very boring. There’s no middle ground with a hovercraft.

A (now old) video has come to my attention on the Tubes of You, which help my internal compass point heavily towards the wild thrill ride side of things. The clip is a promo for the 2010 World Hovercraft Championship. This event unfolded at the Towcester Racecourse in England. Normally reserved for racing of the equine variety, the grounds played host to loud, fan-propelled hovercrafts that took on grass, mud, and water in an effort to capture the checkered flag.

For 2012, the World Championship festivities are heading to Germany. If they make it to America, we vow to send someone to cover the event. Click past the break to watch a clip of racing from 2009.

[Source: YouTube | Thanks for the tip, Tanshanomi!]

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