Video: Flying Tires and The People Who Love Them

From the Only in Japan archives comes this classic comparo, wherein serious looking men in lab coats and gloves drop various tires from the top of a ski jump. Which tire will fly the longest? Which one will roll the furthest? Why are there people standing in the path of flying tires? Watch the video to find out!

Not car related enough for you? OK, I get it. Here’s some classic Top Gear action.

Happy jumping!

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  1. Tamerlane's Thoughts Avatar
    Tamerlane’s Thoughts

    Speaking of Japan. I’ll be going to the race in Suzuka in a few weeks. Hope to spot some truly odd cars on the streets.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      If you get to write a most subjective review of how it is to ride in the back of a V12 Toyota Century, I’d read that with pleasure. Have a nice trip!

  2. neight428 Avatar

    Saw this on the book of faces a while back. It remains spectacular.

    1. Tamerlane's Thoughts Avatar
      Tamerlane’s Thoughts

      I would not want to be on the bottom of that ramp.

  3. JayP Avatar

    I watched this last night as I only recently discovered Prof Lewin on youtube.

  4. dukeisduke Avatar

    My 15-year-old daughter found this video a couple of months ago, and showed it to me. She was howling with laughter. I found it pretty entertaining, but not like she did.

  5. CraigSu Avatar

    So the clear takeaway here is don’t waste your hard-earned money on an F1 tire for the tire jumping competition lest you be sorely disappointed by coming in dead last.

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