Video: Driving the 1965 Ford GT40 108 Prototype

1965 Ford GT40 108 Prototype Ford wanted to win on the global motorsports stage, and it quite badly wanted to beat Ferrari at its own game. Shelby American was part of the driving force focused on creating a world-beating race car. One of the early prototypes for what would become the Ford GT40 was this 1965 prototype. It never saw any form of competition, but it did shape the vehicles to come that would take over the motorsports world. Additionally, this very car was driven by the likes of Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, Stirling Moss, and even Jim Clark. Roads and Rides spent time with the car, and also took a dive into the vehicles history. Hop the jump to check out a rather beautiful piece on an amazing item from motorsports history. [youtube][/youtube] [Source: YouTube]

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