Video: AutoShepherd sits down with Porsche fans to tackle the Cayman versus 911 discussion

For most Porsche fans, the 911 (and its many iterations) represent the pinnacle of performance amongst the offerings made available by the German automaker. There are others, however, who feel that the mid-engined Cayman offers the true path to motoring nirvana. Porsche has been churning out examples of the 911, with its rear-engine placement, since 1963. The Cayman has been tickling the rubber-wrapped Piloti driving shoes of enthusiasts since just 2005. Some might say that one is a stubborn example of the automaker’s history, and the other is proof that change can be a very good thing.

The video crew at AutoShepherd sat down with a few folks who know a thing or two about the brand to get their take on the 911/Cayman debate. The video, which runs a little long but is packed with solid questions and answers, can be found after the break. In it, James Sofronas from GMG Racing, Shinoo Mapelton from Sector 111, and Patrick Hon from Road & Track offer up their opinions. Take a gander at the clip, and then sound off in the comments; which Porsche do you prefer?

[Source: AutoShepherd]

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