Video: ACE Performance takes a quick peek at why GPS and Autocross don't mix

It seems each new day brings a tale of someone blindly following his or her GPS with tragic results. The map and computerized voice that accompanies it’s simply a guide, and not Automotive Moses guiding you to the promised land of an on-time arrival. Also, we’d like to think that it’s pretty clear that a GPS unit will be of no help when it comes to track-based forms of motorsports. Especially for you autocrossers out there.

Our friends at ACE Performance, a Tewksbury, Massachusetts-based tuning shop, took a look at what it might be like if GPS and Autocross ran into each other. The video, posted after the jump, is amusing, but we think this could be taken a step further with many more back to back lefts and rights. Perhaps a few insults added in for good measure would complete the clip. Regardless, we here at Hoon HQ got a chuckle, and we think you will too.

[Source: ACE Performance Systems

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