Video: 1961 Rambler Classic is a proper three-on-the-tree LeMons racer


I’ve posted a few on-board videos from 24 Hours of LeMons races before and a couple of things stand out: (1) I like to watch slow cars because you get a good tour of the entire field or (2) I like cars whose interiors and/or drivers are interesting to watch. Take, for instance, the above screen capture of Panting Polar Bear Racing’s 1961 Rambler Classic, which won Index of Effluency at last weekend’s LeMons race at Sonoma Raceway (Full story coming soon).

It’s a leisurely “racecar” as you’ll see after the break, but take a minute to drink in that classic interior, even after it’s been stripped: Simple but effective dashboard, an enormous steering wheel that takes about 29 turns lock-to-lock, a column-shifted three-speed manual, those sweet old triangular vent windows, actual metal door handles, and an aftermarket tachometer where the shift light comes on at 3000 RPM.

Simply cromulent.


I won’t point out too much, but this is the opening lap with 166 cars at the start. In that one-lap span, you’ll see one car smoking or steaming, one car clobbering the curb and slowing to a stop, Balto the screaming snowmobile-powered Miata, and another dead car stopped precisely on the start/finish line. Watch in 1080p on full-screen mode with the volume on FULL LOUD for a sufficiently LeMon-y video experience.

[Source: cddcsnp YouTube Channel]


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