Velocity Trumpets and Offenhausers

If new cars came with engines that looked like that, they'd sell in huge numbers. Just sayin'.

Okay, so it’s not actually a true Offenhauser engine — which I’m working on a proper article about — but rather Offenhauser parts on what appears to be a standard small-block Chevy. Nevertheless, it’s a damned pretty sight.

The overall impression is gorgeous.

The vehicle itself has maybe just a few douchetastic touches — okay, quite a few — but the overall aesthetics of the mechanical side are just gorgeous. It’s almost as if the builder should only be allowed to touch the parts that make it go, and be required to hand it off to someone else from that point.

I could daily-drive that.

And look! Totally functional for odd jobs.

But that’s just nit-picking. Trying to pretend that I wouldn’t jump on this in a heartbeat is nothing more than laughable posturing. I’d rock it so hard, it wouldn’t know what hit it.

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