Velocity Invitational shows off the goods for its first run

The Velocity Invitational kicked off on November 11th, at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. The event ran for four days and included vintage racing spanning from Pre-War or Brass Era cars to more “modern” machines like ’70s Trans-Am, ’70s and ’80s Formula 1, and ’90s Group C racers. The event is put on by the team behind the Sonoma Speed Festival and as such includes multiple different attractions both on and off the track. 

On the track, in addition to the various racing classes, there are special exhibition events like Mini vs Mustang, recreating the popular British racing action of the late ’60s/ early ’70s, lapping of historic Ferraris, and even a special appearance from some MotoAmerica superbikes.

Off the track spectators can, depending on what ticket they have selected, cruise through various displays of some of the coolest cars, like the six (SIX!) 917s on display by the Porsche garage. You can enjoy refreshments at the Sip & Savor Pavillion, take a ride on the track in a Porsche Taycan, or explore the paddock to check out the racecars up close.

Whether you are a fan of vintage racing, racing in general, or just like cars, events like these offer access to what would otherwise be some of the rarest vintage cars around. The website for the Velocity Invitational boasts, ”Over 250 of the rarest and most valuable race cars on the planets will participate”. 

Here are some of those cars, which I snapped throughout the event:

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One response to “Velocity Invitational shows off the goods for its first run”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Thanks for the post Matt, I saw some of the pre-event promos via youtubers (very smart!) so will have to seek out highlights of the event itself.

    Historic racing is great for the variety and really interesting cars running plus the access in the pits and most drivers are happy to talk to you.

    Plus make it to the Phillip Island Classic next February (there was another historic meeting here Nov 6-7 that I couldn’t get to)

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