V.I.S.I.T.: Volvo 850 ain't got no roof!

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Ya know what we haven’t done in a long time? A good olde Vehicles I Saw In Traffic©®™ post!
What we have here is a common Volvo 850 sedan, but this one had its roof chopped off. Being that I spotted the vehicle in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a four-season type of place whose residents seem to own only Volvos or Subarus, this owner made a custom top from some kind of a heavy duty, tarp-like, plastic. That makes this Volvo significantly more advanced than the other four-door convertible car ain’t got no roof we have seen. In order to retain proper visibility a plastic, almost (ALMOST!) OEM-like, rear window was included.
Wow. Just wow.

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My buddy, Keith Barry, who lives near the owner of this car, informed that before its roof was fully chopped, the 850 suffered from a busted sunroof. While not an uncommon failure, cutting the whole roof off seems a bit insane, to put it politely.
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I would love to know what the person who made this top was thinking at the time of completion. Did he or she, in their brilliant mind, said “yes, it’s perfect, excellent job, this is exactly how I wanted it” to this? The shocking part is that it seems to work and I’d bet good money that it folds down, too.
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  1. If this was my professor in engineering’s work, I’d change to philosophy promptly. And booze.

  2. Because riveting the existing sunroof in place and then running a bead of caulk around it would be more difficult than chopping it off? I know some companies offer carbon fiber and fiberglass sunroof deletes too.

    1. Well, maybe the builder* was stuck without any tools other than his trusty Sawzall, a bunch of visqueen & some black duct tape.
      *in the loosest, most generous possible definition

    2. Ha.. Then he still would have had a leaky sunroof, it was much easier to make it a convertible!!

      1. And ruin the resale value, safety, handling, NVH, etc? It’s not hard to seal up a sunroof. It’s much harder to seal up no roof.

  3. If by “folds down” you mean “wads up into a ball that fits in the trunk”, then yes.
    I wonder what the top speed is, before the inevitable flapping starts the removal process.

  4. Should have made a removable hard top out of duct tape and cardboard….. on experience the sunroof is a nightmare to find and they all rusted on the interior panel so that if you look it looks fine but when you really look into it it’s all gone. Ten years ago someone could have been a dollanair if they had made this panel.

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