I have about a dozen friends who send me pictures of interesting cars they on the road. Some are snoozers and some are mildly interesting. And then there are some really special. I would consider this right-hand-drive two-door Land Cruiser 70-series to fit into the really special category. 
Over the last few years the popularity of Land Rover Defenders in Boston has skyrocketed. In the summer I often see two or three per day and I don’t even drive that much. Jeep Wranglers have become common family vehicles. I am beginning to see more and more modified 4Runners, like my own. I’ve seen a few modified Land Cruisers of various ages, too. It’s like everyone is going on an expedition to the Berkshires or Cape Cod. 
It is therefore no surprise that someone would be buy an imported 70-series Land Cruiser if for no other reason than to be different. And that is great!

While many of us may love Defenders, Wranglers, and Tacomas, seeing something different is always cool. Bonus points if the vehicles was not sold in North America, or at least not in this format. 
This appears to be, and please correct me if I am wrong, a late 80’s or early 90s, 73 or 74 model, given what looks to me a middle length wheelbase. I think there is a diesel badge on the bottom of the left rear door. That would be either the 1HZ or 1PZ engine, which would make this the HJ73 or HJ74 or model. But I’m totally guessing here. 
Judging by the fact that this is a right-hand-drive model, it has likely from Japan or Australia. I have no idea of confirming which it might be. The winch looks to be a Japanese affair but everything else screams Australia. 

One thing that stick outs to me is the removable hardtop. Most of the ones I have seen have had a metal body. The weird part is the rear doors – they’re full length. What happens to the doors once the hard top is removed? Does to the top half of the rear doors magically unbolt and I just can’t see the line?
I got to find this truck on my own and take a closer look. Also, damn I want one so badly. A long-wheel-base Land Cruiser was the other vehicle, along the Defender 110 Td5 that I spend several weeks in Africa in.