V.I.S.I.T.: Remembering Long Lost Friends

It seems like ever since we somewhat reluctantly switched over to Discus as our posting and commenting system, some longtime Hoons seem not to have made the jump with us. But regardless of the reason, we here in the Hooniverse remember all fondly. And of course, who could forget Muthalovin’?

With out a doubt, week in and week out, Muthalovin’ could be counted upon to identify Rob’s Mystery Car as an NSX and often followed up with an image of one gathered from around these here webs, and they were never the same.
And while Muthalovin’ is missed, he isn’t forgotten. Well, at least not by this olelongrooffan. The other day as my commute home was commencing, I spotted this lovely ’91 NSX in the next lane over and just up a bit in traffic. Now all thoughts of seeing it any closer just swept out of my head as traffic along US 41 just seemed to not cooperate with a further closeup sighting.
Luckily however, the driver of that classic sports car still utilizes snail mail and he needed to stop off at the local USPS station to get something important off to an equally important person.
And luckily for this longrooffan and my fellow Hoons, I was able to slow that longerroof enough to drop into that parking lot and snag another image or two of it just for our viewing pleasure.
We miss you Muthalovin’. You too $kaykog and Van_Sarockin. Write soon.
Images Copyright Hooniverse/2015 longrooffan

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    1. mdharrell Avatar

      1932 Hispano-Suiza H6B?

      1. JayP Avatar

        So close.

      2. Vairship Avatar

        Nope, clearly it is the 1909 Facebook Error! Very rare steam powered tricycle…

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    “…some longtime Hoons seem not to have made the jump with us.”
    I. Blame. Charles.
    No, wait, that’s not right….
    I. Miss. Charles.
    That’s what I meant to say.

  2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Hey, lookie there! I hadn’t been commenting, because your platform changes eliminated my ability to see or make comments via Firefox. That’s been frustrating, but I’ve been much more productive, and that’s what really counts, right? If I can actually connect via Safari, as I am now, I won’t be such a lurker. Much as I like the writing, especially Roofie and Rusty, it was always the comments and conversations that were the real attraction.

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      I waved bye-bye to productivity eons ago….

    2. Vairship Avatar

      Disqus works quite well with FireFox, it just means making a new account since IntenseDebate died.

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