V.I.S.I.T., Preludacris Edition

“This is the first and only gasser I can remember ever seeing outside of a car show”. Commenter Preludacris sends us a photo dump of cool cars he’s stumbled across over the past few months. Click through for a few more great finds and smartass commentary from me.

“The hidden headlights are about all these two cars have in common.” Similar era, likely similar on-paper performance, radically different cars.
“I don’t know how interesting it is, but someone put a lot of work into undoing VW’s stylistic efforts on the front end styling”. Sick bike rack, bro; your bike rack game is off the hook!

“The Tercel is the object of interest here. It’s a 1990 SE (Silver Edition, celebrating 25 years of Toyota in Canada). It has just about all the options you could get on a Tercel hatchback, which is to say, not many, plus some decals and a spoiler. The truck is interesting too, but isn’t really in the picture…”. That’s it, you’re fired as a staff photographer.

“On the back, a bumper sticker reads: “My car roars like Katy Perry””. Bit of a bus-seat-fabric-pattern thing going on with that fender.

“This RX7’s still rotary powered, judging by the sound, and gets driven daily, judging by the times and places I’ve seen it.” Looks vaguely 928-ish from this angle.

“VW Transporter, very unusual in Canada”. Surely some Samba-ite is ready to drop $28k on it.

“I think I took this picture because I was so surprised it wasn’t a Delica. The latter dominates the imported JDM van category.” Super interesting JDM Toyota…in beige.

“AWD Astro”. Wicked all wheel drive Astro. So much engineering work to make these AWD, and people barely know they existed.

“F100 featuring fine footwear”. Sick alliteration, bro! Your allivertation game is off the hook! OR: 100-spokes on your F100.

“A pair of Delicas in their natural habitat, British Columbia.” Are these Canada’s Westy Syncro? Because if so, that makes Canada way cooler.

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