V.I.S.I.T.: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (4)

I was having a miserable morning; cold, windy, late, a fat guy in a MINI Cooper intentionally ran a stop sign just to get in front of me, I forgot to add sugar to my coffee, and four hours of sleep just wasn’t cutting it. To avoid some city traffic I was taking a shortcut, which is actually longer in distance but shorter in time, when I noticed a big weiner in the parking lot of a local Holiday Inn.

It’s funny how seeing something like this can instantly brighten one’s day. Never before has a big weiner made me feel this way. The rest of my day was better. More pictures after the jump.

Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (2)

Cavalier headlights! Wisconsin license plates! What are the turn signals and fog-lights from?

Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (3)

I wasn’t sure what vehicle the interior was based on but it looked like a conversion van inside, and damn comfy too.

Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (5)

Trans Am taillights on the ass-end of this weiner!

Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (6)

Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (7)


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