The annual Topsfield Fair is America’s oldest fair. This year it celebrated its 100th anniversary. There were crappy rides, fatty and sugary foods, interesting shows, and cheap prizes. There was also the biggest pumpkin, livestock, horses, and human cannonball guy. All typical fair stuff. Because I have kids I have to endure this misery every year. 
After an hour of creeping at 0.2mph to a $10 parking spot a mile from the entrance, I spotted the most interesting thing I would see that day. It was a modified BMW X5. But it was modified for the purposes of off-roading. The most unusual thing was the [very] high clearance front bumper with a winch. 

The bumper appeared to be very custom made. It included off-road lights and what looks like a skid-plate covering up the radiator and the front of the engine. There was the mandatory LED roof light bar, too. All-terrain tires in stock size finished off the package. Oddly, headrests were removed from the seats. 

A bike rack finished off this overland-y bimmer. It was interesting, certainly looked to be made with a purpose rather than just having a bunch of random parts on it.