V.I.S.I.T.: My New Longroof


Well, my fellow Hoons, a whole helluva lot has changed up for this olelongrooffan in the past few months.

I have moved on from my minilongroof back to my longerroof and now onto this EV longroof. Additionally, this olelongrooffan moved to West Coast and is totally immersed in solving problems. And, after fewer than 90 days into my new position in FantasyLand, I have been promoted and now am the chief problem solver (not to be confused with the Chief Blooger) on the entire West Coast.

And to quote Johnny Carson, “More to Come.

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No biography of the LongRoofian would be complete without [edited for length and adherence to subject matter] and your continued enjoyment of these ramblings is certainly welcome.

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