V.I.S.I.T: A Ford Racing Puma


Every now and again you catch a car in your peripheral vision that gets you wondering. Was it or wasn’t it?

In this case it was definitely a Puma, and the colour looked quite like Racing Blue. But was it a Racing?

Yes, it was.


It was parked outside our local supermarket in such a way that decent photos were always going to be tricky to grab. Furthermore, there were people emerging with groceries and wandering around hither and thither, I felt a bit doofussy standing there and taking photos of someones car.


So the photos are pretty poor, I’m afraid. But I still thought it worth celebrating actually seing one of these on the road, because the Racing Puma is quite a special machine.

As covered here, the Racing was a Puma 1.7 after it had taken a course of steroids, the engine, brakes, suspension and engine all recieving a good going-over. The result was highly praised by anybody who drove one, the fettling serving to optimize what was already an excellent chassis.


I’ve had some good times behind the wheel of Pumas, my Sister owned one and I made sure I “tested” it thoroughly. But hers wasn’t a Racing, and I’ve yet to sample the charms of the full-fat version. But At Least I Own The Brochure.

Oh, sorry, wrong series.


I’m still waiting to smooshle my palms and wriggle my fingers in that blue alcantara. Alas, those embroidered headrests get to soak up the sweat of some other lucky individual. Ford really need to think about doing something like this again. In fact, even a Puma replacement of any kind would be a good start…


 [ Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Chris Haining]

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