Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #89 – A Series Of Tubes

This month the crew is all dealing with various pipe-related issues. Garrett had to cut out and replace a frame tube due to a previous welding hack, among lots of other work on his RZ350 project, while Eric and Pete were both busy with other non-motorcycle plumbing issues that couldn’t have been more different. We also discuss motorcycle crates, some new bikes, torque curves, and the nature of being an adult.

You can click below to listen, or get it through all the usual channels: ShoutEngine, iTunes, TuneIn, and Amazon Alexa (“Alexa, play the False Neutral podcast”).

False Neutral – A Series of Tubes

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BAT Suzuki T500 Titan
The BAT Titan went away…
KR Replica Yamaha RZ350 engine
…and Garrett is working on the Kenny Roberts Replica RZ
KR Replica Yamaha RZ350 sidestand mount
The buggered-up frame section, and it’s replacement
Banshee street tracker
The custom-framed, Banshee-engined street tracker we discuss. Here’s a link to the build thread on this bike: ADV Rider – Stroking my Banshee for Kenny

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One response to “Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #89 – A Series Of Tubes”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Did someone need a bike crate? Indian Motors has some left over from The One Show…


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