The topic of this month’s episode was supposed to be the new bikes from EICMA, but Garrett followed through on his predicted purchase of not one but three Yamaha two-stroke twins. One will be a fairly mild, original looking Kenny Roberts Special. The other two, an RZ and an RD, will be wildly modified with monster motors. Between the three projects, we spend a lot of time talking about modifying two-strokes and no time talking about 2019 bikes.

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False Neutral – Two Stroke Stoker!

Garrett’s monster 10mm stroker cylinder barrels

The RZ350 KR is currently on Garrett’s work table, minus its engine

The beautiful ’76 RD400 featured on the cover of this month’s issue of Motorcycle Classics

Eric’s photos from his last-minute announcing gig at Daytona

The facilities at Daytona are epic

The races were run on the traditional motorcycle-spec “roval” course, including the super-steep banking.