Truck Thursday Hooniverse Asks: What's your favorite factory off-road pickup?

Ford is currently the off-road truck king with its F-150 Raptor. Toyota has an entire family of TRD Pro trucks (and an SUV) at the ready, and for 2019 they get fancy new Fox shocks. Chevy has its Colorado ZR2 and Ram lets loose with a Rebel yell. I’m incredibly curious to sample a new Ranger Raptor, and the Jeep Wrangler truck will undoubtedly be quite awesome.
Of all the options out there in this space, which one is your favorite? I love the Raptor… it’s a truck I absolutely do not need, yet I would be very happy to have one waiting in my driveway.
Which one would you call your own if you had the funds and were shopping for such a beast?


    1. For a second I was thinking “was there anything that truck couldn’t do”, but then realised I was actually thinking of the Dodge Dakota with its Shelby and convertible versions – the photo looks pretty similar

  1. Slight tangent. Saw a Wrangler Pickup in factory camo on the road near the base of Pike’s Peak the other day. It was heading the opposite direction, so it was just a brief glance, but I got excited because we don’t get factory testers out here all that much, as least that I notice.

  2. Assuming you mean current, showroom-available trucks, then this is a rhetorical question, right?

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Raptor. But consider how you ‘off-road’ in different parts of the world. Me, I’d have one of these… Very capable out of the box, and heaps of after market dress up options so mine wouldn’t look just like my neighbours.

      1. A modern one doesn’t exist, but they are still building them anyway! (Which is why people still buy them)

  4. In 1979, I was driving a red company Toyota 4×4 pickup just like the pictured one, except ours had a matching red and white aluminum topper. Quite attractive for a work truck. It was one of the very early imports (the 4×4 was a new model for ’79), and I got a lot of attention and questions when I was driving it. I was able to take it seriously off-road around Florida, as well as going on some long trips. A very capable and tough truck – the one big downside was a stiff ride that would bounce you around in tough going.

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