Truck Thursday: 1995 Jeep Cherokee 2.5

Every now and then, driving past used car lots, you do an absolutely classic double take. Then you make sure there’s no-one right behind you, hit the brakes and head over to inspect closer whatever it is you just glimpsed.
In my case, it was a red Jeep Cherokee XJ and I did the complete Christine manoeuvre. I was hoping it would be the full 4.0, but that wasn’t the case: it was a 2.5 four banger with not much up its sleeve.

XJ:s have attained something of a desirability right now – or did it ever vane? In a modern automotive world where everything is rounded, soft and well packaged, they are honest, boxy and somewhat cramped, so sharp that everything next to them looks like a purple Micra.
A fellow gearhead forumite from PA drives a similar-looking red XJ, so I was happy to snap a few photos and let him get a look at this one on the other side of the world.
With this example, the problem is the asking price in comparison to the less desirable engine and a high odometer reading; you could get a 4.0 six for 4000 pretty easily. It’s not the roughest one out there, but it’s not exactly something that would get you get out your checkbook immediately.
There’s rust underneath, but nothing out of the ordinary.
The roof has been patched up, which is a little bit weird. That’s the spot where you would attach a roof rack, so maybe that’s been the initial paint breaker.


  1. Never a ‘pretty’ design, it has nevertheless steadfastly defied age. I’d call it handsome.

  2. Quite possibly one of the all time great SUV designs. Not unlike the original Range Rover, it’s simple, rugged, and utilitarian, yet it some how elegant and handsome. An American brute with a bit of European flair, that looks at home out in the woods and the country club. Certainly Mr. Teague’s finest work.

  3. I absolutely adore these. I actually owned a 2.5 liter, 4×4 two-door model for a period of time. I still miss it.

  4. Hammer and anvil reliable. Treat her right and she’ll run till the body rusts to the ground around her. Solid axles, inline 4’s and 6’s, decent autos and manuals, REAL 4wd, the right size for cities and off-road. They don’t get much better as long as you make sure to get the 8.25 corporate rear end and not the dreaded Dana 35.

  5. A friend has a blue 4.0. It’s a great truck let down only by an interior that’s falling apart (was the center console ever attached to anything?) and a pretty scary amount of play in the steering. You can’t even really complain about the fuel economy because you know what you’re getting into when you buy one of these.

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