Truck Thursday: 1975 Volvo C304 6×6

[singlepic id=3316 w=720 h=540 float=center] There’s rare– Unimogs and Pinzgauers.  And then there’s rarer– the Volvo C303 4×4.  And then there’s the rarest– this magnificent Volvo C304 6×6! [singlepic id=3317 w=720 h=540 float=center] [singlepic id=3318 w=720 h=540 float=center] Alex at Red Label Automotive is refurbishing this rig for a client-friend.  Fairly recently, it was living a semi-abandoned existence in San Francisco as a dilapidated and ad hoc shelter for some unfortunate souls.  As you can see, Red Label’s transformation is coming along nicely.  Aside from the windshield wipers, the exterior work appears to be almost complete.  The engine and interior are still works in progress. [singlepic id=3319 w=720 h=540 float=center] [singlepic id=3320 w=720 h=540 float=center] The 4×4 and 6×6 share the B30 powerplant (3-liter inline six) found in the 164 passenger car.  By the time this project is done, it will look, feel, and drive better than new.  How can something be so ugly, and yet so beautiful? [singlepic id=3323 w=720 h=540 float=center] Images source: Jim Yu For more Volvo military vehicle images and videos, check out this website.

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