Truck Thursday: 1941 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

IMG_2361 So, a couple weeks ago this olelongrooffan was out and about just seeing what could be seen in this here upscale south Florida city that I reside in and, lo and behold, I stumbled across this sweet 1941 Chevrolet pickemuptruck. I was down at an automotive repair facility where this olelongrooffan spotted a PMYellow LaSalle a few years ago with my daughter, TheSmartOne. Yeah, Dr. Johnny and his kinfolk always seem to have something pretty sweet on their lot. This one was in fantastic shape and, notwithstanding the late model radials, looked to be in bone stock shape. Click on through, if it pleases my fellow Hoons, to see more of this desirable ride. IMG_2362 Now this one appeared to have the wood slats on its bed replaced with pine as opposed to what I always thought was white oak, the patina was quite nice, including the flaking of the paint on the metal rails. But only one of them? Some dude missed the prep work on that one I would presume. IMG_2363 Now this old truck seemed to have a bunch of bright work on it that may, or may not, have been on a ride just a year or two after The Great Depression had ended but, overall, everything just worked.  Chrome moon hubcaps and beauty rings FTW. IMG_2365 And that interior is certainly Spartan. It reminds this olelongrooffan of a certain 1952 F1 I spent some time with in my youth. Yeah, the one where ole Hap Henley told that youngster that I did a “jam up job” of filing that flathead down on. Something this almost 55 year old Hoon remembers some 42 years later. I only hope my fellow Hoons have those same memories a near half century from now. IMG_2366 And two tone blue and black with that awesome headlamp design. Show me that on virtually any production vehicle today. (Sorry about the capture of those skinny ass white legs in the reflection of the above image. I’ll do better next time. I promise.) IMG_2367 It is interesting to note that due to the interference of WWII, Detroit stopped production of civilian vehicles in mid 1942 and transferred all of their production to military vehicles. As such, when WWII ended and new automobiles were produced for the ’46 model year, they were produced with the same 41/42 MY tooling. The 1946 Chevrolet pickup was almost unchanged from the ’41/42 MY. IMG_2369 But it interesting to note that on the driver’s side door of that ole pickup truck, while it did have the cool ass side mounted spare tire, there was not way a to unlock the door from the exterior. IMG_2370 No, that unlocking was to be done from the curbside of this running board equipped beauty. Can any of my fellow Hoons explain that one? IMG_2371 This olelongrooffan does have this to say about that though. That front end, no matter what year it was designed, is certainly a beauty to behold and I believe we need MOAR chrome on our designs today. But Wait! IMG_2368 What Is That Over There? Image Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

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